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Welcome to Abel Electrical Contracting, your trusted provider of comprehensive security system installation and other services in Pennsauken, NJ. With a focus on delivering exceptional solutions, we specialize in video conferencing services, home automation services, access control systems, and more. Whether you are a commercial, industrial, educational, property management, transportation, or government entity, we have the expertise to meet your security needs.

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Our services include:

  • Commercial Security: Safeguard your property and occupants with our advanced security solutions. We offer features such as door status monitoring, automated arm and disarm schedules, and trigger alerts to enhance the overall security of your environment.
  • Video Surveillance: Choose from our on-premise and cloud-based video surveillance solutions. Our systems come equipped with analytics capabilities for improved cost efficiency, retail sale solutions, subject identification, line crossing detection, license plate recognition, and gate control. We can also integrate monitored alarm contacts for added peace of mind.
  • Access Control: Control entry to your premises with our access control systems. From gate and door systems to daycare and employee entry management, we provide secure and convenient solutions to meet your specific requirements.
  • Lighting Control: Enhance your property’s lighting with our indoor and outdoor lighting control solutions. We offer pathway, floodlight, spotlight, court/garden lighting, and lamp post options for improved visibility and security.
  • Entry Systems: Our door and garage intercom systems with guest directories provide a seamless and efficient way to manage entry to your property.
  • Home Automation: Experience the convenience of our home automation solutions, including indoor and outdoor A/V solutions, multi-room audio, home theater setups, wireless network solutions, and climate control. We simplify device management and ensure ease of use for family members of all ages.

In addition to security system installation, we also specialize in commercial fire and life safety solutions, offering new installations and retrofits to ensure the highest level of safety for your premises.

At Abel Electrical Contracting, we excel in designing cohesive system solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Our expert team can seamlessly integrate new devices with existing systems, allowing for future expansion. We take pride in enhancing workflow through the automation of media, temperature control, building access/intercom, physical and video security, shades, and network security.

To explore how our services can benefit your organization or home, please contact us to arrange a visit with one of our experienced designers. Simply send us an email or give us a call, and our team will be happy to assist you. Trust Abel Electrical Contracting for all your security system needs in Pennsauken, NJ.

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Our Services


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Custom Lighting

Our electricians will create and install any type of custom lighting that will create a perfect addition to your home project

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Smoke/CO2 Detectors

Your safety is our number 1 priority. So installing and replacing smoke and CO2 detectors will make sure to keep you and your loved ones safe

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Routine Electrical Maintenance

Our residential electricians will perform a standard routine electrical check to keep all of your systems up to date and maintained

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Our Services

More Services

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Cable Wiring

We install any type of cable wiring to ensure that every room has the proper cables for any project in your home

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For any problems that may arise in your home, our team of expert electricians will troubleshoot any part of your electrical systems and diagnose the problem

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Residential Wiring and K&T Removal

We provide any knob and tube removal, current code compliant materials

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Our Services

Additional Services

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100/150/200 Amp 3 Phase Service

Maintaining your electrical panel is essential to keeping your home system up to date and running well

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Dedicated Circuits

Our electricians provide top of the line circuit work

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Electrical Certifications

For any electrical output that needs a certification, our electricians will provide any necessary documentation required for the system.